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About Us

Berra and Laura are Bachata Sensual ambassadors and artistic directors of the successful dance school Studio 567 in Seville. Their experience as instructors goes beyond words. What is more, they are the current World Champions of impro and they are equipped as can be to take your dance to the next level. Be ready to be blown away by their methodology, technique, style and musicality, they have it all.

Bachata Competition

Bachata Competition - Amateur

Feeling lost? No need to worry. Current World Champions of Impro will personally walk you through everything you need to know and learn to crush those Amateur competition stages.

Bachata Competition - Pro-Am

Berra and Laura have prepared this course just for you! Study each item that is evaluated in any Pro-Am competition and leave nothing behind. Be ready to be equipped and really feel like a professional.

With the Pro-Am course you’ll get the following extras:

3 reviews from Berra & Laura: You will have the chance to send 3 videos to get a review from the artists themselves!

30€ discount on private competition classes with berra & Laura: If you want to go even further in your formation, you will have a special price in their private classes.

Bachata Competition - Professional

A course made by professionals, for professionals. If you’ve ever seen Berra & Laura’s dance impro, you already know why they’re the best for the job! This incredible World Champions are more than equipped to prep you and bring out the best of you to the stages. Are you ready?

With the professional course you will get the same bonus of the Pro-Am course and the following extras:

1 hour skype session with Berra & Laura: You will have access to an online meeting with Berra & Laura to talk about the course, solve doubts and get tips directly from the artists.

Completion certification: After Berra & Laura has reviewed your progress and validate your skills, you will get a certification from Berra & Laura and Bachata Sensual.

Bachata Sensual

Bachata Sensual - Beginner

Start learning the basics with one of the best Bachata Sensual dancers of the moment, but not only that, one of the best instructors. If you’re interested in starting from the very beginning, with their specific methodology, you’ll be increasing your level in no time!

Bachata Sensual - Beginner-Intermediate

Created with the intention of giving life to all the emotions and sentiments that traditional bachata music carries, Bachata Sensual was born. Learn from the best representatives of this style of dance and live first hand the whole experience. Discover the reason why Bachata Sensual has and continues to change so many lives for the better, and join the greatest dance community today!

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