About Us

Beyond talented international bachata instructors, winners of various national and international championships, they are undoubtedly one of the best out there. Both Pablo and Raquel were taken under the wings of the best bachata dancers in Cádiz, where they quickly grew to become the 2nd generation of this international family called Bachata Sensual. Known for having a beautiful connected and sensual style, they began to create their own style, called Smooth Bachata, in honor of the harmony of movements their dance is characterized by.


Bachata Sensual - Intermediate-Advanced

Pablo and Raquel will walk you through over 30 specific steps from the original methodology of Bachata Sensual. Correct technique, body posture and learn how to play within the rhythm and instruments of the music.

Bachata Sensual - Advanced

Advanced moves for advanced students! Study and learn all the latest Bachata Sensual moves, full of technique to its perfection and all the smoothest flow. Apply everything you’ve learned up until here and get ready to move like the pros.
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