About Me

Known to be the lady styling queen, having Sara Panero as your instructor is a no brainer. With her years of experience in many different dance styles (as ballet, salsa, contemporary, kizomba…), you will be able to take advantage of her knowledge and learn how to not only fusion different techniques but learn to express with all the attitude it requires, and this way make the most of your unique style.


Bachata Lady Styling - Beginner

Learn how to perfect your basics, correct your posture, properly dissociate your body, as well as basic turning techniques, all the while adding your own unique style to it.

Bachata Lady Styling - Intermediate

Come ready to learn the technique behind specific lady styling body movements and practice the coordination between flowing from one movement to the next.

Bachata Lady Styling - Advanced

Go deeper in the coordination between each movement, from the technique behind every arm movement, footwork, body movement and musicality.

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