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Masters of Masters. The creators of all the movement around Bachata Sensual worlwide. They have created the most famous latin dance style of our days, Bachata Sensual. 

Enjoy their class #16/36, from their intermediate-advanced course.

Korke & Judith Full Methodology: 4 levels, from Beginner to Professional.

Known as the Lady Styling Queen. She is the pioneer of lady styling in the bachata scene and one of the top references. 

Learn how to use arm styling only when the music asks for it with her in her class #4 of the advanced course.

Sara Panero Full Methodology: 4 levels, from Beginner to Professional.

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Bachata world champions many times. They are known for their energy on the stage and their smooth bachata style.

Join them in this “Hand games and chest isolation” class. Class number 1 of their advanced course.

Pablo & Raquel Methodology: 54 classes, from Intermediate to Advanced.

Co-creator of Bachata Sensual. She has inspired and empowered many ladies and teachers for the past 10 years. If you want to create your own lady methodology, you need to learn with Judith.

Follow her to the 8th class of her intermediate course and learn some elements and how to implement them in couple dancing.

Judith Cordero Methodology: 26 classes, from Beginner to Professional.

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Salsa world champions in footwork alone and with their group of 12 guys. They are known for their complete salsa knowledge. Admired by salsa teachers and dancers worldwide.

Join Gigi Bianco in their advaned Full Project combination class. If you don’t get it means you need to start with their full methodology.

Full Project Methodology: 105 classes, from Beginner to Professional.

Salsa world champion in Salsanamá, the most prestigious salsa competition worldwide. 

Let’s fly to Spain to practice a “mambo swing” with Yaiza. It’s her class number 6 of her intermediate course.

Yaiza Melero Methodology: 3 levels, from Beginner to Advanced.

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Start Brazilian Zouk with Arthur, one of the world pioneers of this beautiful dance loved by all bachata dancers.

Join them in their last class of the beginner course and see what you will be able to dance when knowing the foundations.

Arthur Full Methodology (with Layssa and Sara): 87 classes, from Beginner to Advanced.

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How VdanceClub Works

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The World’s Best Programs

Your time is valuable, so every minute you spend learning counts.
We work with micro learning methodology. Together with the leading expert in each discipline creates the world's best online program in that area.

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Powerful New Friends

A key element of learning is WHO you learn with. We run our own private, safe, social network that allows students to collaborate, network and come together to enrich each other’s lives. Plus regular Coffe talks and live events to ensure we keep improving together.

3. Transform

Every Day

VdanceClub methodology makes learning as addictive as a computer game. Classes take around 20 minutes a day. Every month you unlock a powerful new knowledge. From becoming a pro in Bachata Sensual to creating your own styling or learning Zouk. Choose from 40+ specific courses and programs.
Imagine just who you would be in 1 year?

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The World's Top Dancers, Instructors, Creators and Style Pioneers

Every class and program is toughtfully designed by dance style pioneers and sought after dancers, specially adapted to the online education. This is why we have more than 1.000 members in our dance Community.


Sara Panero

Judith Cordero





Yaiza Melero




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We are 1000+ dancers in our community. From Professionals to Social Dancers.


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I really like the concept of VDanceClub. The teachers are great. The quality of the videos is very good both video and audio. You can really improve your dancing and it's a lot of fun.
Noelia Otero
I love the community of highly motivated dancers that is inside! It helps me to keep motivated, accountable and meet new dance friends.
Andrea Pihlfykt
It’s absolutely a new MUST for our dance world. Be in touch with your worldwide friends, meet new people, get the newest news and learn from great instructors. I highly recommend it.
The best thing - it's opportunity to learn from great teachers. It was a big deal for me to study step by step from all this amazing teachers. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the best. It has democratized the world of dance.
I've improved my technique, footwork and arm styling. The lessons are not just combinations, they are based on understanding the movement and the music.


“We’ve created a dance community where everyone has a place. A judgement-free space for those who desire to connect through the world of dancing.”

And you, Speak Dance?