Learn the methodology of the best artists chilling at home
Whenever, wherever

Learn the methodology
of the best artists
chilling at home
Whenever, wherever

VDC rojo final recortado


A social partner dance, originally slower and softer, that is born in the 60’s in the streets of the Dominican Republic. Nowadays, it’s danced all over the...​
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Said to have originated in the Caribbean, Salsa is most definitely one of the most entertaining and practiced social dances in the world...
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Zouk originated from the Caribbean Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Zouk, contrary to many opinions is actually the name...
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Sara Panero

Bachata Lady Styling

Known as the Lady Styling Queen 👑

Judith Cordero

Bachata Lady Styling

Bachata Sensual Creator ✨

Pablo & Raquel

Bachata Sensual

World Champions 2016 🏆

Berra & Laura

Bachata Sensual​

World Champions 2018 🏆

Chaves & Silvia

Bachata Sensual​

World Champions 2011 🏆

Yaiza Melero

Salsa Footwork

Salsanamá 2020 Champion 🏆

Full Project

Salsa Footwork

World Champions 2019 🏆

Erik & Monika

Salsa Couples

Salsa Spain Masters ✨

Sara & Arthur

Brazilian Zouk

Brazilian Zouk World Pioneers 🥇

Layssa & Arthur

Brazilian Zouk

Brazilian Zouk World Pioneers 🥇

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What Is VdanceClub?


Have a computer? An iPad? A smartphone? Then you have VdanceClub. We adapt to the new generations. No more having to move from the comfort of your home. Where you go, we are.


We know you're busy, aren't we all? At VdanceClub we prioritize efficiency, while never compromising excellence and quality. Our condensed 10-20 min classes are everything you need to push your dance to the next level.


Unlike your usual class, you set the pace here. Didn’t get it the first time? Rewind the class! Need more time? Hit pause and practice!


We only offer the best of the best. Our artists represent the top world dancers of the moment. Traveling each weekend around the world, teaching at the most prestigious events. With VdanceClub learn from these same artists, from the comfort of your living room.


While you might take your class alone in your living room, you are far from being alone. Here, you’re part of the greater picture. Become a VdanceClubber and join the biggest family of dancers around the world.

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vdanceclub METHODOLOGY™

From VdanceClub we have created our own methodology. All our programs have been developed with our top artists to get the maximum profit for you. We are pioneers in elearning inside our community.

Learn from big artists

As you can see all our artists are TOP in their scene, now you have the chance to learn from them straight from your living room.

Short and prerecorded

Our VdanceClub Methodology is time based. The classes are comprissed to give you all the value and allow you to watch them several times before catching everything.


All the programs are planned before starting to record them. We have worked together with the artists to follow an strict progression for every class as they do in their regular classes.

Lifetime access

Forget about subscriptions, now you can get the course and it will be yours forever. Our mission is to impact the maximum amount of dancers who wants to step up and reach the next level when it comes to dance.

Join our family

VdanceClub is more than a platform, we are building a huge family, right now we are 1000+ students worldwide. By joining our family you will get exclusive discount to festivals worldwide and many more discounts in all the dance community.

How Vdanceclub works?

Watch this video to understand how to master online learning.


Become part of the biggest online dance community wordlwide. Our mission has been from the very beginning to create a huge family worldwide. To become our student means to be part of our community, where you will get special discounts in events and many more things inside the dance community.

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I’ve improved my technique, footwork and arm styling. The lessons are not just combinations, they are based on understanding the movement and the music.



We are very happy, the online classes gave us the opportunity to learn whenever we have time and to reapeat them as many times as we need.



The program was super detailed to really understand the moves. They course is full in English and I was able to do it several times to catch it well.



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