What can possibly be said that hasn’t been said before? They are masters of masters. The ones who started it all. The ones with the vision. The creators of Bachata Sensual.


Korke and Judith are an international dance couple from Cadiz, Spain. The city where it all began. And how did it begin, you wonder? It’s quite funny actually.

Korke and Judith, the creators of family.

Korke (Jorge Escalona) has always been a hopeless romantic, it’s true. And his taste in music proves it. He’s always loved bachata music, as well as boleros. Now, there’s two things that pushed Korke (and later Judith) to create a new style of dance: ignorance and passion.

Why ignorance? Well, because he didn’t know how to dance bachata at all.

And why passion? Because whenever Korke listened to bachata, to that music, with those instruments, and the lyrics they sang… Let’s just say his body wanted to interpret something very different to what he knew existed. So, along came 16-year-old Judith (who was dancing in a salsa company) and joined the adventure.

While Korke expressed his interpretation, Judith came in and added the perfect touch. Joining his larger and more fluid movements, with her body control, technique and subtle sensuality.

This new dance incorporated a mix of body waves, isolations and connection that was inevitably going to change the scene.

During the creation process, they knew the importance of honoring the origin of traditional bachata, so they made sure to study the origins, as well as the culture behind this beautiful Dominican dance. To this day, anyone who know Korke and Judith well, can confirm they never stopped being students.

Not too soon after creating the foundations of Bachata Sensual, something became very clear for both Korke and Judith, so why not quote them directly:

It had to be more than a dance, it had to be something that could be shared. A methodology that could be learned. And like that, be able to share our passion with the world.”

And so, it was born: Korke and Judith’s Bachata Sensual methodology.

Wow. I am sure they had no idea what they had started. Imagine it for a second. To start a creative process simply because you wanted to express what you felt through a certain music.

So, there you have it. The creators of Bachata Sensual.

But in the end, if you ask around, the creators of something much, much greater.

Korke and Judith, the creators of family.

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