Why Online Learning Is The Next Best Thing

There is no denying that being online “is where it’s at” today. And most probably, tomorrow and the future to come.

The 2020 Online Education Trends Report found that for the fourth year in a row, convenience and flexibility topped the list of reasons for students opting for an online programme rather than an in-person class.

Online learning comes with many benefits.

The concept of traditional education has radically changed the past couple of years. The rise of the internet and all new technologies have opened new opportunities – where being physically present in a classroom isn’t the only learning option anymore.

Nowadays, quality education is at the tip of your fingers whenever and wherever you want. Only requirement? Any device with internet access.


When done right, online learning comes with many benefits.

Here are 7 reasons why you should stop second guessing it and join that online course now:

  1. Flexibility left and right.

No more restricted schedules you must adapt to. No more having to choose between going to the gym or dance class. Manage your time as best fits your lifestyle. Nowadays, when it seems we get busier by the day, online platforms only make it easier. Like we said, whenever, wherever. You choose.

2. Self-Paced Learning.

Whether it’s dancing, French or marketing we’re learning, we all learn at our own pace.

Some students need a little more time to process, take notes and practice. And others learn a bit faster and desire to move a bit faster. And that’s ok! Online learning makes it simple for both of you. Find what works best for you and improve at your preferred rhythm.

  1. Choosing your own learning environment.

In-person activities aren’t for everyone. They just aren’t. And that’s one of the reasons why more and more people are becoming of fan of online learning. Creating you own optimal learning environment at the comfort of your home –or not home. That’s what so perfect. Find a studio you love because of how you feel dancing in front of a huge mirror. Or find that perfect room in your home where you disconnect and love to create. The choice is yours.

  1. Online means more affordable.

This is one I know you’re excited about. Anyone out there trying to save a little extra? Yep, us too. The reality is, as much as some online courses might seem pricey, especially when adding up all the ones you’re interested in taking, it really is cheaper in the end. Not only are you investing in quality content, most probably by quality instructors, but if you had the chance to take these classes in person for all these hours, it immediately becomes less and less accessible. And let’s not forget that when learning online, you save in transportation and all those extra expenses that leaving the comfort of our home require.   

  1. Less intimidating.

Have you ever second guessed raising your hand in class to ask a question because maybe you felt it was stupid? Or felt affected by feeling you simply didn’t get it as fast and easy as the student next to you? It happens to more than you know. Another clear benefit of online learning is that extra comfort of not feeling any pressure to be at anyone else’s level other than your own.

  1. Diversity made accessible.

When enrolling in any school -from dance schools to colleges-, the class choices are limited, to the point where you take time choosing where to enroll, depending on what you’re most interested in focusing your learning on. But when e-learning arrived, much more was made available. More options, all in the same place: home. No more having to wait to travel to that congress to learn from the best, your favorite teachers now travel to you.

  1. Review lectures instantly, or not.

Unlike classroom teaching, with online learning you can access the content an unlimited number of times. When it comes to dancing, what more could you ask for? Consider a regular class, where you usually record the demo at the end, and maybe a bit of explanation, but never the full class. Whether you needed more time learning, or you want to repeat the class with your partner or best friend, the class is yours forever.

For sure anything that is new and different requires one’s adapting and getting used to, and online learning is no exception. But you will find that the benefits one receives are well worth the trying, not to mention all the gained knowledge.


Invest in yourself, save money and learn more. Becoming the best version of yourself has never been easier.


Welcome to the new era — the revolution of online education.

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