Why Online Dance Lessons Are for You

In-person dance lessons don’t really compare to taking online classes. It’s true, it’s just not the same. But at the same time, that’s where we’re headed… why they’re so different and why we’re loving it (and you should too).


Now, before showcasing all the benefits, let me start by being real: I used to think online classes were simply not cut out for me. I didn’t see it possibly motivating me enough to actually learn and/or really enjoy it. But boy was I wrong.

Sometimes, you just need to learn at your own.

Back then, I thought I needed the in-person deal. I wanted the teacher to look at me and correct my mistakes while I practiced in front of the mirror. But thing is, I started learning fast and got bored. Now, don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t the teacher, nor was it the class. It was the regular 20-30-person class deal. It was the having to adapt to the level and pace of the class. And sometimes, you just need to learn at your own. That was me, and that’s probably you too.


I soon realized… “private lessons must do the trick!” Except there was the money issue. Ain’t nobody got the bills for that!


After this, only online dance lessons were left. To stop dancing was never an option, so I had to give it a try.


Soon after diving into this new world of online learning, I was shocked. I found a new motivation and drive to train that I hadn’t felt recently. I found freedom in the ability to go back and replay and re try as many times as I needed, while I watched my progress in the mirror.

Bottom line, this is what I got from learning -dance- online:


– Different kind of discipline. I learned to push myself to achieve my goals. To practice consistency and time-management. There was no physical place I had to be at, at a certain time. It was me, myself and I, in the living room, feeling myself.

– New sense of confidence. I was able. I actually improved and proved myself capable of evolving, of growing and re discovered myself in a very special and intimate way. And this only reminded me that I was able to work towards anything I desired.

Cool thing is, there is no difference between any of us. Everything all top dancers have ever achieved, is available to you.


Question is, will you go the extra mile? Better yet, will you dance it?


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