8 Reasons Why You Should Start Dancing Today

Honestly, you should get moving to your favorite music like asap.

We’ve all heard it before, dancing has its special way of taking your cares away. Whether your dancing goofy with a friend, or simply jumping around in your living room to your jam of the moment… we’ve all experienced that joyful moment where everything is just ok.

Its proven facts: dancing is not only fun, it’s actually so good for your overall health.

  • Your new favorite workout.

Hate cardio? You’re not alone. Enjoy dancing? … problem solved.
burn calories, lose weight. Train your body, train your mind.

  • Dancing is inclusive.

    No one likes to feel excluded. It’s sucks. And what’s why dancing is for you, because there are no limitations, no prior requirements. No need to be a professional, no need to feel like you’re the best at it. Wherever you’re at, whatever you like, whatever your age, whether you’ve ever been to a class or not, you can dance.

  • Improves your mental health.

    Don’t believe me? I’m only sharing facts… Research has shown that dancing
    Dancing will keep your mind active. It will improve circulation to the brain and help stimulate the memory by remembering all the steps. Great mental exercise. dancing keeps the mind sharp.

  • Sleep better, stress less.

    Do you often have trouble sleeping? Or do you have trouble waking up feeling well rested? I’ve also experienced it, not the best feeling! The good news is that dancing actually helps. Studies have shown that regular physical activity releases endorphins, which are the chemicals in our brain that help our ability to sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. I don’t know about you, but just for this reason, it’s worth starting to groove.

  • You only need yourself.

    Just like those body weight exercises that you can do at home without the need for a gym, dancing doesn’t always require a partner. You’re good enough on your own! Especially at first, dancing alone can become a great tool to build self-confidence, creativity and self-expression. Many people start alone and then enjoy dancing with different couples in classes and social events.

  • Disconnect to reconnect.

    Let go of that constant (sometimes unconscious) need to always be in control, of everything, all the time. Dancing will help you relax not only physically, but mentally. Learn to disconnect from the day-to-day madness to reconnect with yourself. Remember what it is to be present in the moment and enjoy it fully. We all need a “mental rest” sometimes; and what better way than dancing?

  • Meet new people.

    Who doesn’t like making friends? And I mean the ones you really connect with, the ones who seem to just understand you, the ones who make social life easy, fun and effortless. Well, dancing will welcome you to one of the largest communities in the world. If your social life lacks something you haven’t been able to pin-point or find, dancing will give you that excitement you didn’t know you needed.

  • Gain confidence and feel sexy.

    Yes, I said sexy. Let me explain. The art of dancing allows us to feel free, and be comfortable expressing who we really are. Through dancing, we feel powerful and determined to show that we are not only capable, but good. And this, makes us feel beautiful and special. No matter where you’re at, dancing will open the door to a new confidence in yourself, and that my friend, is very sexy.

The fact that dancing is good for you is nothing new. But maybe the fact that it’s that good, is. Whether you’ve been looking for something new and exciting in your life, or you’d love to find something to reconnect over with a partner, or you’d love to experience that new and improved self-esteem and connection; starting to dance might be just what -you didn’t know you- were looking for.


All this being said, turn up the volume and let the dancing -with all its benefits- begin.