Zouk originated from the Caribbean Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Zouk, contrary to many opinions is actually the name for the dance that you would enjoy with your family and friends back in the day if you had grown up in said islands. There is no formal official moves, but it is rather the name given to that dance you would grow up enjoying with your people in your surroundings, it is a highly cultural movement. Zouk is also a music genre which grew in popularity in the 1980’s thanks to the French Antillean band called Kassaz’.

Brazilian zouk is a partner dance that originated in Brazil. It is also known as zouk-lambada, and it’s sometimes confused with Zouk. It’s mostly characterized by the couple’s beautiful undulating movements and the girl’s flowing hair. It’s considered a sensual dance where there is both close connection and wild spins with some strong hip movements and many body isolations, and all done so gracefully.

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